31 August – 4 September Dance On Website The work is constructed by visual images and is based on the relational structures of space. It utilizes lights and shadows, long ropes, videos and human bodies as media, catalyzing the reconstruction […]

31 August – 4 September Dance Film On Website Beyond the Veil is an experimental video work inspired by the abstract painting La Danseuse by Lalan Xie. The artist reflected on the connections between the real world and the painting’s […]

31 August – 4 September Dance On Website Language: English / Free Event Exploring the intersections and possibilities of the sonic and physical realms, the performance project aims to promulgate the concepts of improvisation, exploration, experimentation, and collision. Artists are […]

1 – 4 September Workshop | Exhibition On Website Language: Mandarin 普通話 / Free Event By connecting with different people and converting their shared stories, feelings, current energy, or expectations for the future into drawings, each drawing will be given […]

31 August – 4 September Dance On Website Until the Night Falls Away is a dance performance exploring the feeling of being alive. In what moments do we feel most alive? When are we fully present? Until the Night Falls […]

31 August – 4 September Drama On Website Language:English “Bunny Un! Bunny Deux! Bunny Trois! Bunny Quatre! HEY PRESTO!” Since the 1911 Revolution which ended China’s last Imperial dynasty, one bunny has made several mistakes:In the first place, it was born […]