2 September – 8pm (GMT+8) Drama Zoom Language: English / Free Event An artist couple confronts the fears of pandemic restrictions through their creativity, digitally unleashing two eccentric performance personas bent on transforming their home into a glittery alternative reality. […]

31 August – 4 September Drama Art-mate Language: English Voices of the New Belarus is a play composed by Belarusian playwright Andrei Kureichik, from interviews, letters and testimony of 16 Belarusian citizens who were arrested, jailed and beaten by government […]

31 August – 4 September Drama On Website Language:English “Bunny Un! Bunny Deux! Bunny Trois! Bunny Quatre! HEY PRESTO!” Since the 1911 Revolution which ended China’s last Imperial dynasty, one bunny has made several mistakes:In the first place, it was born […]